Day 4: The Meaning of your Blog Name

Happy Day 4! (I’m skipping Day 3 for a time when more fun things are happening in a day)

Day 4: The Meaning of my Blog/ Store Name.

This is actually a nice story for me 🙂 when I was young, around middle school. I would draw all the time. Almost constantly. My favorite things to draw were Sailor moon, Animal girls (now called furries) and cool aliens. 🙂 On almost all of my designs I drew a panda on the back, sorta like a young girls copy write. Later on I got my hands on my first manga. Tokyo Mew Mew, It was in Japanese so I couldn’t read it but, I enjoyed the drawings so much that  it opened a lot of doors for me artistically.

After that my art grew and so did my brand. Always including my iconic panda. When I got to high school I went into animation and brought my brand there. At the beginning of every animation I did I added my mark, like a studio. From there my brand took a break until I lost my very first Graphic Artist Job a few years ago (2015) and I had to look for employment elsewhere. Hence my business name. Cute Panda Co. Since then my Tumblr, Instragram, Twitter and Business Facebook all bear that name, and I am proud to say so. 🙂

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