Day 5: 5 Places I want to visit

Day 5: 5 Places I want to visit

My first real job was working for Disney when i was 16. I’ve loved disney since! So of course my life goal is to visit all of the Disney Parks in my life. Especially Tokyo Disney and DisneySea! Life Goals!! They have the best shopping and I’m pretty sure I would buy all the things if I could. 

But more then just disney, its been a lifelong dream to go to Japan. I love the culture and food. My husband and I would love to bring our children there sometime in the future. It may only happen after we retire XD.

I would love to visit Canada. When I worked for my first tee shirt design company, I got to do designs for Canada’s Wonderland. 😀 They even bought some of them 🙂 I would love to visit that park and ride the roller coasters!

Maine is someplace local (in the US) that I would love to visit. I love how their houses and designed and I have heard how friendly everyone is there. My husband even would want to live there if we had the chance. XD I would love to visit before that kinda of commitment.

I also want to visit Europe. Not so much for Rome, but for Britain and Ireland. I like to visit like a local if possible and do things that tourists wouldn’t normally do. I love to go places in the off season because its not as crowded. My husband and I hate crowds of people, if we can avoid them we do.

Lastly, I want to visit Alaska.

Its one of Cute Panda Co’s Goals to visit conventions all over the world. Maybe with the help of my fiends and fans I will become successful enough to travel all over! Where would you want to travel? Any chance its to Orlando Florida? maybe you can visit me if you do!

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