Spiffy Saturday 2016

Spiffy Saturday 2016

If you have every been to a Dapper day at Disney this is “just like that” only there are way more vintage photo backdrops (movie sets), you don’t have to wait forever to meet your fashion inspiration & you get to ride all your favorite BIG KID RIDES! My friends and I had a blast at the very first Spiffy Saturday at Universal Studios Orlando!.

The meetup in the morning was a little unrehearsed, but that comes with being fresh and new 😀 but we managed to all get together and look wonderfully fashionable while doing it.

Spiffy Day Opening Photo

After that beautiful shot we all got to run inside of Hollywood and bask in our spiffiness :)

Spiffy Saturday 2016

I know the first place my friends and I went was the Hello Kitty/ Betty Boop Store to check up on one of my personal t-shirt designs that I am extremely proud of <3 Tada! Still so proud! But more importantly after that we took the town and went crazy with photos! I was only able to post so many! But check them out below and I hope you enjoy them! If I took your photo and you would like a high Res (not watermarked for my publicity) photo please don’t hesitate to message me! Also if your interested in a photoshoot please also don’t hesitate to message me! I would love to take photos of you in your spiffiness at the next Spiffy Saturday

If you get the chance please follow the links and share and like Spiffy Saturdays Facebook page and follow them on Instagram for Vintage tips, tricks, and meet ups for your pleasure visit and Like their facebook page for updates! So we can get this growing in popularity!
The next Meet up is: September 3rd, 2016 @ Universal Orlando
#spiffysaturday to show off your spiff!



Pin up girl Fashion Shoot

Pin up girl Fashion Shoot time!

Hello Everyone!

Here is my latest shoot with Julia! She is a huge fan of pin up girl clothing and wanted to show off her cuteness! We decided on a seasonal shoot. This is only a taste of all the photos we took 🙂 We designed each outfit using her clothes and accessories based on different seasons. Some props were provided by me (aka my baby puppy). Julia was a amazing model and really captured my style of photography!


Winter- Swan Princess 😀

Summer- Sweet Farmers Market

Spring- Queen Bee Library

If your interested in your own fashion shoot please message me on my contact me page! I would love to talk you about your ideas! 😀

Model: Julia (Instagram: vivamus_anima)

Fashion: https://www.pinupgirlclothing.com/

Photographer: Cute Panda Co

Puppy: Yorkie Named China

Location: Downtown Winter Garden



Holiday Matsuri Light and Dark Twins!

Holiday Matsuri was so much fun! I had booked some photo time with my new con buds..

1. because they are the cutest girls ever! 2. They have such a great dynamic outfits that always contrast each other & 3. they are TWINS! and super cute twins at that! so photoshoot. logical of course! here are my favorite photographs! most of them are frosted with pink and purple which I think added a whimsical look to their outfits and props 🙂 the photos were taken at the Caribe Royale Orlando.

I had so much fun working with these girls! they are such great models and had tons of great ideas!

Pink twin is Allie 🙂 shes on Instagram!

Purple Twin is Amber! shes also on Instagram!

Convention: Holiday Matsuri

Hotel: Caribe Royale Orlando

Both these cuties are really talented artists! so check them out when you get a chance!

Holiday Matsuri: Jojo Photoshoot

Holiday Matsuri was AWESOME!!! I cant wait for next year!!!

I had the opportunity to take so many photographs! It was soooo much fun! I’m learning so much about my camera and my photographs are getting so much better! I want to thank everyone who let me photograph them! if your interested in non watermark photographs don’t hesitate to ask! However please consider advertising for me with keeping my watermark while you share on facebook and pinterest 😀 you would be doing me a huge favor!

Saturday Photoshoot with Jojo Characters: Sticky Fingers & Bruno!

Sticky Fingers: Sireneye Tumblr

Bruno: Bepsiboy Tumblr

they are such amazing people and cosplayers! give them a follow 😀

There are way more photographs to come so keep posted! I have the wonderful twin shoot that I cant wait to show off and then all my wonderful model cosplayers!!!! oh I cant wait!

if your interested in your own cosplay photoshoot contact me on my social media! I’m pretty quick to respond and would love to talk to you!

Animate Miami 2015

This was my first year at Animate Miami and I was so impressed with the turnout and the quality of the cosplays! I took so many photos of so many wonderful cosplays!!!! Thank you everyone who let me take photographs of them with my store merchandise. I really appreciate it. Along with Merchandise photographs I was lucky enough to have some mini photoshoots that resulted in wonderful photos for my portfolio! XD

If your interested in a cosplay photoshoot please visit my Packages page 🙂


Emma & Tom Wedding

Throwback Thursday to when I did some photography at my friends Emma and Toms Wedding March, 27 2014. I had so much fun at their vintage handmade book wedding. They had basically personalized every aspect of their wedding and made it perfectly perfect for them! here are just a few shots (my favorite shots of course)

Dapper Day 2015

Dapper Day 2015 at Hollywood Studios was just what I thought it would be! Very Dapper! I spent a lot of time on my dress and Aarons Tie and it was worth it! I got a lot of compliments and a few people took pictures! I hope I get to see those pictures soon! Please message me! I would love to share them on this blog along with a link to you!! I am totally going again the next one! Also if your going to the next one and need a photographer! think of me and follow this link!






Throwback Thursday- Princess Day

Happy Throwback Thursday,

A little bit of light into my background, back in 2009 my friends and I were, I feel the original Disney bounders. So young we were 🙂 I took most of the pictures, I was Cinderella and I am so tickled by my old Photoshop skills 🙂 so cute 😀


princess day 003 princess day 016 princess day 004 copy

princess day 014.5

princess day 064 princess day 063 princess day 055 princess day 068

princess day 019 copy

DSC04927  princess day 046 princess day 048 princess day 051

princess day 028princess day 052 princess day 027 copy princess day 026 princess day 023 DSC04932

DSC04939 princess day 120




this is not Cinderella, this is me… in my natural habitat… pandas 🙂





princess day 039 copy princess day 041 princess day 038 princess day 036 DSC04981princess day 053.5 DSC04979

princess day 083 copy princess day 085 princess day 086 princess day 094princess day 088.5 DSC05004 DSC04997

princess day 114 copy princess day 113 copy

princess day 118    princess day 071 DSC04934

DSC04924DSC05034 DSC05033 DSC05030 DSC05027 DSC05025 DSC05020

princess day 109DSC05059This was one magical memory! and I recommend it anyone!!!! if you would like to book a photoshoot like this, I would be more than happy to volunteer 🙂 Lets try this again soon 🙂



Engagement- Barbara & Jesse

it was a honor to take Engagement photos for my good friends Jesse and Barbara 🙂 They are the cutest couple!!! They decided they liked the vintage look of downtown Winter Garden, and I did too. There are great shops and a lake with a boardwalk near by which made for great shots 🙂

_MG_6587 _MG_6589 _MG_6590 _MG_6594 _MG_6599 _MG_6606   _MG_6607   _MG_6611

_MG_6615 _MG_6617   _MG_6627   _MG_6630

_MG_6632 _MG_6657  _MG_6665

_MG_6685 _MG_6687 _MG_6690 _MG_6697 _MG_6711 _MG_6716   _MG_6720

_MG_6728 _MG_6736 _MG_6753  _MG_6759  _MG_6761

_MG_6795 _MG_6801 _MG_6797  _MG_6806- Date  _MG_6815

_MG_6830 _MG_6824

_MG_6859 _MG_6880- 3UP

_MG_6903 _MG_6912

_MG_6925 _MG_6929

_MG_6944   _MG_6970   _MG_6966

_MG_6962 _MG_6954 _MG_6953

I am in love with couple 🙂 I cant wait for their wedding! I bet it will be wonderful!

If your interested in an Engagement Shoot like this please contact me on my contact page 🙂